Tuesday, September 7, 2010

YMCA is an example to the community.

This weekend, Vanessa received the letter below from Dan Hecker, President and CEO of the Gulf Coast YMCA. The YMCA is taking several steps towards creating a culture within the organization that not only allows breastfeeding, but fully supports it. They are educating staff of the law, creating a policy to support breastfeeding staff, members and program participants and conducting a "Healthy Moms" seminar which will include a breastfeeding component. By taking these steps, the Gulf Coast YMCA not only has a positive impact on the families in our community, but also becomes a shining example to other organizations.

THANK YOU, Dan and the YMCA staff. I could not have asked for a better response.

Upon receipt of this letter from Mr.Hecker, we had not even delivered our letter to the Blossman YMCA. Our letter to they YMCA was written just 7 days ago and was signed by over 200 people from across the country, online, and approximately 50 signatures locally. There is no need to continue collecting signatures. However, we will deliver the signatures and comments to the local and national YMCA (as promised).

Personally, I am so excited to hear that our YMCA recognized that this issue is important to our community and took action. If you live in OS, I encourage you to the let the YMCA know how much you appreciate these actions.

For all those who live in other areas of the country, please - ask your local YMCA (or other organization) if they have a breastfeeding policy. It is amazing what can happen, if you just bring up the topic.

Thank you again to the YMCA and all the signers of our letter.


  1. Wow, this shows how each individual has the power to make a difference in all things one is passionate about.

  2. Wow. I recently complained to my local Y about the lack of availability of a comfortable place to nurse my baby at their large facility. This is the response I received from the director.
    "As for having an area for breastfeeding, I can share this. While space is at a premium as we are growing, I do not have the luxury to allocate any area specifically for the sole purpose of breastfeeding mothers. While I empathize, I can offer to you our family locker room changing rooms and our massage waiting area. These two areas are more private and more appropriate than all other areas in our facility. I hope you can understand that while we are a family friendly facility we try our best to serve all members of the family in the best possible ways. "