Friday, August 20, 2010

These Kids

So, I have Caprie with me full time, she is 14 months old. Jenna is a "adjunct" family member that stays with us during business hours. Luci is in 1st grade , but enjoys her off hours at home.

Between the three of them, each day we have an interesting/funny/embarrassing interaction. I usually just laugh (or cry) to myself, but I am over that. From here on, I will share these conversations/events with anyone who will listen, right here.

This morning was "Back to School" mass at Nativity Elementary. As usual, I envisioned my sweet angelic Caprie sitting quietly, smiling as all the children sang. The other two, Jenna and Luci, would listen carefully to the service and sing along. WRONG!

As usual, I do not have a clear grasp on reality. Jenna was quiet. Thank you Jenna. Luci left her class to sit with us. I mean, to giggle at Caprie, complain that I hadn't given her her sweater before school and she was cold, beg to take off her "slipping" headband, and giggle uncontrollably at Caprie. Caprie was the highlight of the mass. At her best, she was laughing at the people behind us. At her worst, she was laying flat on the ground screaming, banging my cell phone on the metal folding chairs and trying to find something to chomp down on with her vicious teeth.

I had high hopes that the "peace be with you" business would do something. God would answer my prayers and actually give Caprie some peace. WRONG! That was the grand finally, she really let it fly after that. I swiftly pushed our group towards the door. I left Luci sitting in the empty chair closest to the door. As I glanced back, I saw tears as she was wondering where her class was and how she was going to rejoin them.

Guess that was the only school mass we will be attending this school year. Peace be with you.

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